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    what it’s like to be an artist, writer, musician, ….

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    getting caught taking selfies in public changes u as a person

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    I’d been on a bike ride, and I was returning a bike I’d rented, to the shop. And then I got a call saying that we were #1. And um, I think I didn’t really hear it properly cause I had a man shouting at me, cause I was holding the bike wrong.. and the chain had fallen off. And it was a bit hectic. And then I put the phone down, gave the bike back, and then I was like…”sick.” 

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  5. Anonymous said: You are the biggest hypocrite lmao how abt the zayn free Palestine tweet??? That goes for the same as when Harry did that with the sign so stop favoring


    if you followed me long enough you would know that zayn and harry are my favourites. anyways… zayn’s free palestine tweet is different, sewer gremlin. zayn’s is one of the most famous and influential muslim pocs on earth. his tweet wasn’t promoting any sort of campaign. it was a sign of support for palestinians that are fucking dying by the thousands due to the brutality and genocidal killings initiated by zionist israeli forces. zayn didn’t @ nobody. he didn’t make that tweet about himself. with quiet dignity, despite knowing all the backlash he will get with being someone in his position/with his identities, he stood up for what he believed in and SAID something on a popular social media platform. zayn gets antagonized every single day. EVERY single day. i can’t even put into words how important that moment was……. he risked his public image just to let palestinians know that he’s here for them, regardless of how those who surround him (*cough* ben) advocate for israel. that tweet is what you call support without ulterior motives, you fucker. don’t you dare devalue zayn’s free palestine tweet for less than it is.

  6. ‏@Harry_Styles: I’m supporting @UN_Women and @EmWatson in #HeForShe As should you..

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  8. mattirwinlondon Ere he comes, top tog 📷

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    if u cheat on someone u married and vowed to love until u DIE I honestly hope u burn in hell for 1000 eternities idc what good you’ve done in your life, you are a worthless liar, period. & dnt talk to me about excuses for infidelity either. if your parents divorced bc one of them cheated I’m talkin about them too, there are no excuses or exclusions. fuck they cheatin ass.

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  10. Paris, France - June 20th, 2014

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    dan has more chins than i have friends.

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    When u feel really hot but look terrible in all your selfies


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